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Optimization Recipes

31 January 2014 21:50

Today I am mostly in my bed suffering from "the plague".

Between naps I've worked on a new site a little:

Hopefully this will become updated, contributions welcome, and be useful to the world.

(Source available on github.)



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icon Ross at 22:53 on 31 January 2014

Let's hope others notice this and send along tips as well. The problem will be bitrot, of course. But that's what fork is for, anyway. Probably want to think about formalizing some way to indicate version of item under tweakage :-)

icon Steve Kemp at 22:57 on 31 January 2014

There has been one contribution already, which was a pleasant surprise.

I'm not planning to cover more than 10 daemons or so, so fingers crossed keeping things current won't be too much of a challenge, but as you say that's the potential concern.