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Recycling old ideas ..

9 April 2016 21:50

My previous blog post was about fuzzing and finding segfaults in GNU Awk. At the time of this update they still remain unfixed.

Reading about a new release of mutt I've seen a lot of complaints about how it handles HTML mail, by shelling out to lynx or w3m. As I have a vested interest in console based mail-clients I wanted to have a quick check to see how dangerous that could be. After all it wasn't so long ago that I discovered that printing a fingerprint of an SSH key could be dangerous, so the idea of parsing untrusted HTML is something I could see.

In fact back in 2005 I reported that some specific HTML could crash Mozilla's firefox. Due to some ordering issues my Firefox bug was eventually reported as a duplicate, and although it seemed to qualify for the Mozilla bug-bounty and a CVE assignment I never received any actual cash. Shame. I'd have been more interested in testing the browser if I had a cheque to hang on my wall (and never cash).

Anyway full-circle. Fuzzing the w3m console-based browser resulted in a bunch of segfaults when running this:

 w3m -dump $file.html

Anyway each of the two bugs I reported were fixed in a day or two, and both involved gnarly UTF-8/encoding transformations. Many thanks to Tatsuya Kinoshita for such prompt attention and excellent debugging skills.

And lynx? Still no segfaults. I'll leave the fuzzer running over the weekend and if there are no faults found by Monday I guess I'll move on to links.



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icon St├ęphane Aulery at 17:48 on 10 April 2016

And elinks and netsurf please!

icon Steve Kemp at 17:59 on 10 April 2016

I'll run a fuzzer against both elinks and links, but netsurf is one I'll avoid.

(Because I'm only curious about browsers that might be used for HTML to TEXT conversion for console-based mail-clients.

Still if you wish to have a go yourself feel free, it's not a difficult process :)