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8 February 2005 21:50

Knock-Knock jokes

"Dot, dot …" "Who's there?" "Your entire filesystem…"

A poor joke .. relating to people not filtering ".." from URI requests. yeah, yeah. Sorry.


I feel like writing something in C++ again soon. Problem is I haven't a clue what!

I guess that means I'm mostly happy with the software that I'm using at the moment … although my computer usage is down a lot at the moment, mostly because my primary machine "undecided" is currently disabled and I've got a replacement machine "mystery" sat on the floor of my office - it needs to be moved.

Security Scanners

Nessus is the best security scanner I've used for a long time, and it's great that there are both X11 and Windows clients available for it.

The only thing that's missing is a console version - so that I can script a scan of the LAN overnight from a headless box.

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