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Sleep Update / Memcached / Sarge Upgrades

6 February 2005 21:50


Well since I mentioned this a while back I figure an update isn't too unreasonable.

Firstly I've had lots of blood tests, and other prodding and poking - The result? Nothing obvious wrong with me.

I went into hospital at the weekend so that I could sleep hooked up to some machine to measure the oxygen content in my blood throught my night of sleep - this will hopefully identify / rule out sleep apnea.

The results of the study should come back in a week or so ..


For the past week I've been having a lot of fun with memcached, a fast memory based cache of arbitary objects.

I wrote a simple introduction to memcached usage with perl, and had a lot of fun rewriting a couple of sites to use it.

The next job is probably to make the Debian administration website use it.


For a fun way to spend a few quiet hours I've been upgrading a bunch of UML instances from Woody -> Sarge.

This is in advance of my attempting to upgrade my main remote UML installation on bytemark's network. (If you want to have a UML host they are a great company - and give discounts to Free Software Developers .. You can even give me a discount by referring to me when you joing up ;))

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