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So I finally succumbed and joined twitter.

20 April 2011 21:50

So I've succumbed and joined twitter. I'm pretending I'm a photographer, rather than a techie/geeky/random person, whether that persists is anybodys guess.

At the very least I don't feel any real need to write/post/ask about Linux, development, or similar. I can do that here or elsewhere. (Not least because length-restrictions are annoying; yes it is true. Size is important.)

So far I've been posting semi-random pictures, I guess that is one way to pass the time, while I play with my camera.

ObQuote: "Please, please, please drive faster!" - Wanted.

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icon Jon at 10:49 on 22 April 2011

Way to engage with the medium -- 120 char limit, solution: post pictures ;)

srsly though, welcome.