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So I've been busy.

30 June 2016 21:50

The past few days I've been working on my mail client which has resulted in a lot of improvements to drawing, display and correctness.

Since then I've been working on adding GPG-support. My naive attempt was to extract the signature, and the appropriate body-part from the message. Write them both to disk then I could validate via:

gpg --verify msg.sig msg

However that failed, and it took me a long to work out why. I downloaded the source to mutt, which can correctly verify an attached-signature, then hacked lib.c to neuter the mutt_unlink function. That left me with a bunch of files inside $TEMPFILE one of which provided the epiphany.

A message which is to be validated is indeed written out to disk, just as I would have done, as is the signature. Ignoring the signature the message is interesting:

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

On Mon, 27 Jun 2016 08:08:14 +0200


Bob Smith

The reason I'd failed to validate my message-body was because I'd already decoded the text of the MIME-part, and I'd also lost the prefixed two lines "Content-type:.." and Content-Transfer:.... I'm currently trying to work out if it is possible to get access to the RAW MIME-part-text in GMIME.

Anyway that learning aside I've made a sleazy hack which just shells out to mimegpg, and this allows me to validate GPG signatures! That's not the solution I'd prefer, but that said it does work, and it works with inline-signed messages as well as messages with application/pgp-signature MIME-parts.

Changing the subject now. I wonder how many people read to the end anyway?

I've been in Finland for almost a year now. Recently I was looking over websites and I saw that the domain steve.fi was going to expire in a few weeks. So I started obsessively watching it. Today I claimed it.

So I'll be slowly moving things from beneath steve.org.uk to use the new home steve.fi.

I also setup a mini-portfolio/reference site at http://steve.kemp.fi/ - which was a domain I registered while I was unsure if I could get steve.fi.

Finally now is a good time to share more interesting news:

  • I've been reinstated as a Debian developer.
  • We're having a baby.
    • Interesting times.



Comments on this entry

icon Paul Tötterman at 08:36 on 5 July 2016

My apologies, I must have mixed you up with some other DD in that case.

icon Paul Mellors at 06:51 on 1 July 2016

Hello Steve

yes some of us read to the end. CONGRATULATIONS :)


icon Jonathan at 08:42 on 1 July 2016

Well done grabbing that domain! I recently got myself a nice vanity domain on a new gTLD, really I couldn't get better now, but I do have the worry about the viability of the gTLD business models etc.

I guess if you left Finland you could just migrate to another domain...

More importantly congrats on the baby news! Good luck with that, it's like nothing I've ever experienced before. You cannot be too prepared! Make sure you flesh out plans B and C too, a lot of stuff you have no control over what happens!

icon Steve Kemp at 08:55 on 1 July 2016

Thanks for the good wishes; I'm expecting it to be exciting, stressful, scary, and fun. All the things I remember when left in charge of young relatives in the past.

As for the domain, it felt like a good choice since I've settled here, but if I move countries again I'll just have choose one where the name is free!

icon Andy Cater at 18:34 on 1 July 2016

Congratulations on the new mail client / new domain / year's residency - oh, and was there something else?


icon Paul Tötterman at 08:08 on 5 July 2016


I think I've lost count how many times you've (re)joined as DD

icon Steve Kemp at 08:12 on 5 July 2016


(I've only quit/rejoined once, FWIW.)