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So life in Finland goes on

20 January 2016 21:50

So after living here in Finland for 6 months I've now bought a flat.

We have a few days to sort out mortgage paperwork, and assuming there are no problems we'll be moving into the new place on/around the 1st of March.

Finally I'll be living in Finland, with a sauna of my very own.

Interesting times.

In more developer-friendly news I made a new release of Lumail with the integrated support for IMAP. Let us hope people like it.



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icon Anonymous at 21:56 on 20 January 2016

I unsuccessfully tried to comment under your last luamail post, so I'll try again here. Have you had a look at libMailCore2 for IMAP support? It is written in C++, supports Windows, Linux, OSX/iOS and offers a well-designed asynchronous C++ API (plus Obective-C and Java bindings). It's used by virtually every iOS mail app, so it is very well tested.

icon Steve Kemp at 04:30 on 21 January 2016

I'm sorry the initial comment didn't make it.

No, that's not one I looked at. For some reason I thought it was objective-C only - so I was looking at vmime, UW-IMAPd, and other projects.

icon steelman at 09:05 on 21 January 2016

I have always considered going to sauna a social activity so "sauna of my very own" would not be very much appealing to me. On the other hand: every one has recreations they choose to arrange.

icon Steve Kemp at 09:15 on 21 January 2016

Maybe it is because it is a novelty to me, but some days I just wake up thinking "I really want to be in a sauna today".

Ideally that would be with a few friends and some beer. But other times it means that I just want to be hot, sweaty, and relaxed so going to the shared sauna at the gym, or similar, is enough to make me happy.

It also comes down to stereotypes - most of the people I know here in Helsinki have a balcony and a sauna. When I knew we were moving my wife found us a flat, and I was disappointed that after spending thousands of pounds to relocate, having to learn a new language, etc, etc, I was going to have to live in this rented flat for a year with neither.