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So load-balancers are awesome

14 March 2014 21:50

When I was recently talking about load-balancers, and automatically adding back-ends, not just removing bad ones that go offline, I obviously spent a while looking over some.

There are several dedicated load-balancers packaged for Debian GNU/Linux, including:

In addition to actual dedicated load-balancers there are things that can be coerced into running in that way: apache2, varnish, squid, nginx, & etc.

Of the load-balancers I was immediately drawn to both pen and pound, because they have command line tools ("penctl" and "poundctl" respectively) for adding/removing/updating the running configuration.

Pen I've been using for a couple of days now, and although it suffers from some security issues I'm confident they will be resolved in the near future. (#741370)

My only outstanding task is to juggle some hosts around and stress-test the pair of them a little more before deciding on a winner.

In other news I kinda regret the whole blogspam.net API. I'd have had a far simpler life if I'd just ran the damn thing as a DNSBL in the first place. (That's essentially how it operates on the whole anyway. Submit spammy comments for long enough and you're just blacklisted, thereafter.)



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icon Wichert at 15:27 on 14 March 2014

For what it's worth I'm pretty you can do the same things through haproxy's control socket as well. "socat readline /var/run/haproxy.stat" is your friend there.

icon Christian at 16:24 on 14 March 2014

Another alternative I like to run ipvsadm/ldirectord