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So wheezy is fun..

1 July 2013 21:50

Running a pristine operating system is fun. I keep going to run programs and finding they're not installed!

For example I'd planned to re-deploy the Debian Administration code-base this evening, but couldn't because fabric is not contained in Wheezy (#714421).

Thankfully backporting the package was trivial, but it was a minor stumbling block. I've hit a few of those recently.

Still in happier new my lumail mail client can now handle both adding attachments to outgoing mails and extracting them from incoming mails.

There are missing features which some people might expect and rely upon, such as:

  • Threading support.
  • GPG support.

But that said the scripting primitives allow interesting things to be done and I'm enjoying the experience of writing something so "major".

True I've got ~20 "stars" on github which isn't a great sign of popularity, but I have had some fun feedback and the client works for me.

I'm going to have to spend a few days working on TAB-completion code that plays-nice with curses, because that's a major irritation (and you can't mix/match curses & readline, annoyingly). But otherwise I think we're getting close to being complete enough I'll slow down.



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icon Nux at 07:28 on 2 July 2013

Looking forward for a stable release of luamail.
Don't let the github stars put you off. :-)

icon rjc at 07:48 on 2 July 2013


I made the same mistake in the past - it's lumail, not lu*A*mail ;^)

The latter is Dieter Plaetinck's (of 'luakit' fame) attempt to write a graphical MUA in Lua [0].

[0] http://dieter.plaetinck.be/luamail_a_mail_client_built_into_luakit.html

icon Steve Kemp at 18:40 on 2 July 2013

Nux: I think it is pretty stable now, and the TAB-completion code is 80% there. I just need to be able to complete on file/directory names and I'm done.

rjc: Annoying name collision! If I'd have found that project I'd have reconsidered the name, though it looks like it is very very dead.

icon Nux at 14:29 on 4 July 2013

rjc, thanks for the correction, I'll make sure not to repeat this mistake. :)

Steve, I'll then test it ASAP (prolly after my holidays next week). I'm stuck with "cone" at the moment.

icon rjc at 18:34 on 4 July 2013

This time I made a mistake - Dieter did indeed get involved with luakit albeit at a later stage of its development and he's of uzbl fame obviously ;^)