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So you want to install the most recent firefox?

23 June 2011 21:50

If you've been following new releases you'll see there is a new Firefox browser out, version 5.0.

This will almost certainly make its way into Debian's experimental tree soon, but that doesn't help users of the Debian Stable release. The only sane option for those users (such as myself), without a backport, is to install locally.

So I did the obvious thing, I made /opt/firefox then installed the binary release into it. Then I found that it was good, lovely and fast.

Unfortunately the system firefox and the local firefox are not really compatible. Run the local one, then click on a link in the gnome terminal and it wants to open the system one. Ho hum.

The solution:

  • Remove your local firefox & iceweasel packages.
  • Create the shell scripts /usr/bin/firefox & /usr/bin/iceweasel to exec the one stored beneath /opt.
  • Rejoice.

Of course this being Debian we don't want to do that. So instead here is a package that will let you do that:

Download. Build. Install. If you install your local package to a location different than /opt/firefox update the configuration file /etc/firefox/firefox.conf to point to it.

Possibly useful?

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icon themill at 00:13 on 24 June 2011

http://mozilla.debian.net might also be of interest -- iceweasel 4.0 for squeeze (wheezy and sid) has been there for a while and iceweasel 5.0 for squeeze, wheezy and sid was uploaded a few days ago.

icon Anonymous at 01:32 on 24 June 2011

How about?


icon glandium at 02:47 on 24 June 2011

Why not simply install the iceweasel 5 backport ?

icon Wes Frazier at 03:26 on 24 June 2011

5.0 was released for Debian Stable via backports. http://mozilla.debian.net

icon Josh Triplett at 06:02 on 24 June 2011

Try http://mozilla.debian.net/ . It provides packages of various Firefox versions for various Debian versions. In particular, it has Firefox 5.0 packages for Squeeze.

icon Arno at 06:44 on 24 June 2011

The Debian Mozilla team has iceweasel 5.0 packaged for stable/squeeze: http://mozilla.debian.net/

icon Philipp Kern at 08:05 on 24 June 2011

Use mozila.debian.net.

icon Steve Kemp at 09:01 on 24 June 2011

How embarrassing.

I knew backports existed, but I was not aware of that CNAME, or the fact that they were available so very quickly.

Oh well...

icon i5513 at 10:16 on 24 June 2011

Please, if you want (of course), update your post to tell about mozilla.debian.net, it is working fine ... and I don't think is a good idea having a .deb installed with dpkg because updates won't go to your Debian Computer !

Thanks !

icon Steve Kemp at 10:26 on 24 June 2011

javibarroso: I rarely update posts unless they are glaringly wrong, people who read the comments will see my omission clearly enough!

Randomly installing .deb packages does mean updates aren't applied, but in this case I expect there isn't going to need to be one. That said I did create a mini apt repository for myself..

icon Samat at 18:08 on 24 June 2011

Just for completeness: if you're using Ubuntu, there a several PPAs for each of Firefox's new channels (Stable, Beta, and Aurora), just like mozilla.debian.net: Following Firefox's New Development Channels with Ubuntu.

icon mirabilos at 18:20 on 24 June 2011

I’ve done “one better” for work and we have a “source”
package with the binaries for Firefoxâ„¢ 1.5 upto the nightly
builds of aurora (currently 6.0alpha) and trunk (7.0alpha),
which will build a binary package per version each, plus a
common package and one that pulls them all.

No idea whether it’d be legal to publish that, though, as
it contains no source in itself (not in Debian anyway, but
I’m wary of puttint it up at all, even though all of its
content is floaring around somewhere on the ’net). Advice?
I’d be happy to provide this.

Best thing: it doesn’t collide with a system-installed
iceweasel (or Kubuntu firefox-3.0 package shipping grr
a firefox 3.6), so you can still use them, along with
the distro’s security support.

And: you can run several versions of Firefox in parallel.
They use profiles like ff20, ff35, ff50, etc. by default
and run with -no-remote.

This is used heavily by our QA department for testing
usability of web “applications” with the FF versions
specified in the original documents (often that is 1.5
or 2.0, don’t laugh, but these are contracts).

icon Pawel Stolowski at 09:14 on 25 June 2011

It's still useful even though mozilla.debian.net provides iceweasel - for those who prefer official firefox with mozilla branding for example.
Some ideas:
- rename it to firefox-wrapper or so
- install firefox icon into /usr/share/applications/...
- drop '5.0' from package name, as it will work with virtually every version of firefox.

icon Steve Kemp at 10:48 on 25 June 2011

Pawel - I've done most of that :

icon Anonymous at 19:38 on 26 June 2011

Note that the official iceweasel packages will execute a program named "firefox.real" if installed, and only execute iceweasel if that doesn't exist. So if you make a symlink from firefox.real to Mozilla's firefox binary, it will integrate nicely with the system.