Switched to using attic for backups

Friday, 19 December 2014

Even though seeing the word attic reminds me too much of leaking roofs and CVS, I've switched to using the attic backup tool.

I want a simple system which will take incremental backups, perform duplication-elimination (to avoid taking too much space), support encryption, and be fast.

I stopped using backup2l because the .tar.gz files were too annoying, and it was too slow. I started using obnam because I respect Lars and his exceptionally thorough testing-regime, but had to stop using it when things started getting "too slow".

I'll document the usage/installation in the future. For the moment the only annoyance is that it is contained in the Jessie archive, not the Wheezy one. Right now only 2/19 of my hosts are Jessie.



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[gravitar] Amos Shapira

Submitted at 22:08:23 on 19 december 2014

Will you compare it to bacula?

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 22:13:41 on 19 december 2014

Probably not, bacula isn't something I've used for a long time.

[gravitar] Jean-Fran├žois Rousseau

Submitted at 22:22:48 on 19 december 2014

You should check Burp Backup with the Hardlinked option activated.


Great tool !

[gravitar] Nux

Submitted at 10:11:35 on 20 december 2014

If this still doesn't satisfy you, do check duplicity/deja-dup or if you don't mind not hosting the backups yourself - tarsnap https://www.tarsnap.com/

[gravitar] Serge van Ginderachter

Submitted at 16:57:41 on 23 december 2014

Dit you perhaps also look at http://zbackup.org/ ?

I found both via "apt-cache search dedup", I still need to give bothe some tests, but basically I'm looking for something as simple as rsnapshot, but also something a bit smarter and modern than rsnapshot.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 18:35:14 on 23 december 2014

No, zbackup didn't really appeal to me, with the use of the tar-files, but I realize that is irrational and not such a useful reason to dislike it.


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