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Switched to using attic for backups

19 December 2014 21:50

Even though seeing the word attic reminds me too much of leaking roofs and CVS, I've switched to using the attic backup tool.

I want a simple system which will take incremental backups, perform duplication-elimination (to avoid taking too much space), support encryption, and be fast.

I stopped using backup2l because the .tar.gz files were too annoying, and it was too slow. I started using obnam because I respect Lars and his exceptionally thorough testing-regime, but had to stop using it when things started getting "too slow".

I'll document the usage/installation in the future. For the moment the only annoyance is that it is contained in the Jessie archive, not the Wheezy one. Right now only 2/19 of my hosts are Jessie.



Comments on this entry

icon Amos Shapira at 22:08 on 19 December 2014

Will you compare it to bacula?

icon Steve Kemp at 22:13 on 19 December 2014

Probably not, bacula isn't something I've used for a long time.

icon Jean-Fran├žois Rousseau at 22:22 on 19 December 2014

You should check Burp Backup with the Hardlinked option activated.


Great tool !

icon Nux at 10:11 on 20 December 2014

If this still doesn't satisfy you, do check duplicity/deja-dup or if you don't mind not hosting the backups yourself - tarsnap https://www.tarsnap.com/

icon Serge van Ginderachter at 16:57 on 23 December 2014

Dit you perhaps also look at http://zbackup.org/ ?

I found both via "apt-cache search dedup", I still need to give bothe some tests, but basically I'm looking for something as simple as rsnapshot, but also something a bit smarter and modern than rsnapshot.

icon Steve Kemp at 18:35 on 23 December 2014

No, zbackup didn't really appeal to me, with the use of the tar-files, but I realize that is irrational and not such a useful reason to dislike it.