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Black celebration

9 April 2007 21:50

My apt-get repository has moved- no longer:
deb     http://steve.org.uk/apt sarge ...
deb-src http://steve.org.uk/apt sarge ...

Instead you should now use:

#  Steve Kemp's repository:  Sarge
deb     http://apt.steve.org.uk/sarge sarge main non-free contrib
deb-src http://apt.steve.org.uk/sarge sarge main non-free contrib

Or :

#  Steve Kemp's repository:  Etch
deb     http://apt.steve.org.uk/etch etch main non-free contrib
deb-src http://apt.steve.org.uk/etch etch main non-free contrib

This scheme should be more extensible and will be easier for me to maintain.

I've setup symlinks so that clients who don't update will still have something working - but I'd really rather you switched if you're using these repositories.

I've imported the Sarge repository fully, for AMD64/i386. I'll go through the Etch one shortly - I think most packages people care about are in the new release, the biggest package is xen-tools which has had several important/interesting/useful changes since the Etch freeze…

There are some custom packages that seem suprisingly popular, such as the steve-completion which will need to be imported for etch too - but I'll do those by the end of the week all being well.

BUG: if apt-get honoured HTTP redirects I'd not have to post this here and hope for the best …

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I put a spell on you

11 October 2007 21:50

Felipe Sateler kindly made a Debian package for the chronicle blog compiler, so you can now get it from my apt-get repository.

He suggested it be uploaded to Debian sid, I'm happy to do so if there is any interest. Otherwise I'll keep placing release there when they occur.

(To be honest I don't anticipate any major development unless there are bugs, or people would like to contribute themes ..)

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