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The temple walls are made of flesh

4 September 2007 21:50

This week has consisted of fighting registrars and doing a bit of hacking on xen-shell, xen-tools, and the chronicle blog compiler.

CJ has done some good work trying to get the code modularised, and I expect between the pair of us we can make things neater and better generally.

I've also fixed a couple of bugs relating to the hard-wiring of device names (/dev/sda, /dev/tty1, etc). These devices are replaced in newer versions of Xen which wants to use /dev/xvc0 and /dev/xvd[a-z] instead.

There's nothing else happening at the moment; I'm just having a lot of fun laughing at our new kitten sliding around on our polished wooden floor!

Chronicle seems to be getting pretty popular which is ironic because it was a quick hack to allow me to post blog entries on a couple of hosted sites - which I've not yet done. Oops.

In other news I'm loving the Nintendo DS at the moment, Megan brought me one back from America on her recent trip and I think a day hasn't passed where one or both of us has played less than 30 minutes each.

I'm annoyed that Sim City DS only allows us to play with one city - right now it is her turn, and I'll have to wait until she's finished with her creation before I can have a go - because otherwise I'll wipe her city out.. :(

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I bet you're a real tiger in disguise.

5 July 2009 21:50

I've not been online much for the past week, for two main reasons:

My cat was injured

Usually my cat lives outdoors for just over half the day, but last week he came back with a bad limp and since then he's been an indoor kitty.

He stopped limping so badly pretty much the next day, but has managed to scratch/bite a fair amount of fur from his leg worrying at it.

Still that seems to have stopped and I'm sure he'll be fine. Once the fur has grown back I'll throw him back outside and hope he's more careful in the future!

(No idea whether it was a bad fall, a collision, or a fight with a cat/dog/fox/squirrel that caused it .. no obvious injuries when he was at the vets such as bites, scratches, or things embedded in the limb.)

Geomtery Wars Galaxies

I might be a bit slow, but this nintendo DS game rocks. Hard.

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