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The grabbing hands grab all they can

23 May 2006 21:50

xen-tools can now create images of centos, and other RPM based distributions:

xen-create-image --hostname=test.my.flat \ 
  --ip= --dist=centos4 --rpmstrap

There are two outstanding problems:

rpmstrap doesn't seem to install the RPM of centos-release so you must either manually fetch it, or edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo file before "yum install foo" works correctly.

(The rpmstrap command line handling is broken (#368648) so -include=centos4-release doesn't help. Plus it wouldn't work for the other distributions.)

OpenSSH is not installed automatically because of the first problem.

Anybody who is wishing to test other targets supported by rpmstrap such as mandriva, suse, etc, or is capable of helping me fix this yum problem should look at the xen-tools CVS repository or homepage.

With a bit of feedback there could be a 1.5 release early next week.

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