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There's trouble blowing like a hurricane

6 November 2007 21:50

xen-tools has just got a new command:

xen-resize-guest --hostname=foo.my.flat --increase=5Gb

That will take the existing guest foo.my.flat and magically resize the main disk image to be 5Gb larger. This works for LVM & loopback images, but not yet for users of EVMS. Whilst doing this job manually isn't terribly difficult it can be troublesome to perform all the steps in order without screwing up. Hence the new command.

In other news I've managed to fix my broken greylisting implementation - so all the mails which were previously being queued upon klecker.debian.org should now be delivered/bounced.

I believe the blame here was 50/50 me and exim's back-off behaviour, but I'll know better in the future.

Remember me when you come to choose your next anti-spam service. It copes beautifully with a sustained delivery rate of 300-700 messages a minute when queues suddenly restart delivery ;)

TODO: Catchup on mail. Implement message tagging for mutt to better keep track of items which are pending/claimed by me. Until we get RT.

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