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Time is like a fuse, short and burning fast,

28 January 2007 21:50


Busy weekend: A brief trip to Glasgow, a lot of rat-lovin' and a few minutes to hack on CFEngine package automation.

I discovered insane performance problems with running Ruby on Rails applications under libapache2-mod-fastcgi so I switched to Apache2, mod_proxy & mongrel.

The process wasn't as painless as I'd expected - so I might write it up shortly.

In other rails-news: I can't get typo running on Etch. Migration from wordpress 2 fails in strange ways. Help?!

In other news xmms on my AMD64 machine, reading /home/mp3 over an NFS share locks up every couple of days. Not sure if this is an AMD64 bit problem, or if the NFS usage is responsible. I should investigate. (The GUI is visible and responsible; but hitting "next", "play", etc, result in no action. I usually have to "kill" it - then restart.)

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