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24 February 2005 21:50

Debian Voters

I should be back up to speed with Debian stuff by the weekend when I get a new machine running Sid.

I'm surprised by the names of people on the DraftBrandon wiki page - half of them I don't recognise.

Sure there are some people who post to the lists and p.d.o enough for me to recognize them .. but surprising there are so many people lurking… Maybe it's just me being dense?


Today I get my front chipped tooth fixed. Ouch.

I've had it patched up maybe three times in the past? Each time it lasts for a year or two then breaks off.

The dentist this time assures me that the high-tech stuff they use nowadays is going to make sure it will persist. I'm less convinced than I should be I guess, I guess half my scepticism comes from the two words "Bonding" and "Dentist" being used together - after all how many people bond with their dentist??

Health-wise I'm now diagnosed with both sleeping problems and Hyperthyroidism. Fun.

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