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We've Been Out All Night And We Havn't Been Home,

21 June 2007 21:50

The source-searching system I was talking about previously is progressing slowly.

So far I've synced the source to Etch to my local machine, total size 29Gb, and this evening I've started unpacking all the source.

I'm still in the "a" section at the moment, but thanks to caching I should be able to re-sync the source archive and unpack newer revisions pretty speedily.

The big problem at the moment is that the unpacking of all the archives is incredibly slow. Still I do have one new bug to report aatv: Buffer overflow in handling environmental variables..

That was found with:

rgrep getenv /mnt/mirror/unpacked | grep sprintf

(A very very very slow pair of greps. Hopefully once the unpacking has finished it will become faster. ha!)

The only issue I see at the moment is that I might not have the disk space to store an unpacked tree. I've got 100Gb allocated, with 29Gb comprised of the source. I'll just have to hope that the source is less than 70Gb unpacked or do this in stages.)

I've been working on a list of patterns and processes to run, I think pscan, rats, and its should be the first tools to run on the archive. Then after that some directed use of grep.

If anybody else with more disk space and connectivity than myself be interested I can post the script(s) I'm using to sync and unpack .. Failing that I'll shut up now.

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