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Welcome to where time stands still

21 December 2006 21:50

I can be childish too: PHP must die

I've been actively migrating services away from PHP for a while now, even at the cost of having to use less mature applications which aren't as pretty. I'm definitely at the point now where I simply don't trust it and the applications which (ab)use it.

Tonights job is to look for a non-PHP blogging application which can import my wordpress content from. I even wrote 75% of one myself once upon a time, but I lacked the time to finish it off.

Sure there are good PHP coders out there, I'm just sick of the rest.

Somebody should write a intepretted templating system similar to PHP, but with no bugs. Although maybe thats the problem, giving people the ablity to mix presentation inline with code was a fundamentally bad idea to start with? Since it led to non-programmers producing things that were broken.

I do keep meaning to look at Rails, but I'm usually turned off by the problems of mixing Debian packages with the rubyforge gems - I like to keep things from one source. (e.g. 99% of my perl modules are Debian packages, not CPAN packages.)

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