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While we live according to race, colour, or creed

2 April 2007 21:50

I'm back from Vienna (Ask Alfie for picture(s) of me wearing my partner's hat ..!) with a new need to update my killfile.

I use procmail to filter my mail, and my current setup looks like this:

# If the sender is in the killfile then drop the mail into killfile
# grep for it in the killfile
* ? grep -i `formail -rtzxTo:` $HOME/.procmail_killfile

This invokes formmail to get the sender of each incoming message and then drops the mail into /dev/null if the message is from somebody whos email address is contained in ~/.procmail_killfile - there are two problems with this approach:

  • It doesn't handle killing threads, only senders. I guess using a similar approach to grep for message-id's in reference would work, but I'm having a hard time thinking it through properly.
  • It doesn't cope with people who use multiple addresses. Perhaps message-id would be useful here, although again if people use multiple sending hosts then they would have different components.

Any improved recipes are greatfully received. And that's all I'm going to say about Debian communications for today.

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