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Writing and Firewalls

19 February 2005 21:50


Upgrading from Woody -> Sarge : Part 2, smaller than the previous one because I wrote about 800 words about upgrading from Apache to Apache2, and then to Exim4 which seemed too much - I'll save that for part three now.

Firewall GUIs

The Nokia Checkpoint firewall has a great user interface, a big list where you can insert new rules.

Imagine a Grid Control with columns for "Source", "Destination", "Protocol", "Logging", etc.

Shame there's nothing like that for Linux that I've seen. I like their user interface for representing VPNs too - little meshes.

I imagine using GTK/QT you could easily mimic the user interface, and then generate a collection of IPTables rules. The hard part would be causing those rules to be uploaded to a remote machine. Having a GUI for the local machine would be useful - but being able to write bunches of rules for a group of machines would be more comparable to the Nokia.

Planet Debian <blockquote .

Is it just me or is the threading in p.d.o broken?

I'm sure I see pieces I've seen before at the top, with new entries added at the bottom for a particular day?

Maybe this is dependent on the local timezones which are exported by the various users blogs?


Remind me not to talk about sadism / BDSM again ..

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