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Writing your own e-books is useful

8 October 2014 21:50

Before our recent trip to Poland I took the time to create my own e-book, containing the names/addresses of people to whom we wanted to send postcards.

Authoring ebooks is simple, and this was a useful use. (Ordinarily I'd have my contacts on my phone, but I deliberately left it at home ..)

I did mean to copy and paste some notes from wikipedia about transport, tourist destinations, etc, into a brief guide. But I forgot.

In other news the toy virtual machine I hacked together got a decent series of updates, allowing you to embed it and add your own custom opcode(s) easily. That was neat, and fell out naturely from the switch to using function-pointers for the opcode implementation.



Comments on this entry

icon foobar at 00:36 on 9 October 2014

How do you write ebooks? What is your workflow?

icon Steve Kemp at 06:37 on 9 October 2014

I used the editor bundled with calibre..

icon king at 19:40 on 9 October 2014

I had the same question as foobar. Thanks for the pointer to calibre. It looks like a very useful tool.