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You're gonna need a bigger boat.

20 December 2009 21:50

I'd like to nominate this week of the year to be :

  • National Backup Week.

(I'd pick a single date but the only date I care about is March 10th, and that has already been assigned National Fishnet Day.)

So, national backup week? This week is the week I'd like to suggest that you ensure that all the hosts, systems, and machines you care about are backed up.

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon they will die. If you have a system die without a backup you're screwed.

If this week is a quiet time at work, or if you're having time off, take an hour, take a few, and ensure you have backups .. current backups.

ObFilm: Jaws



Comments on this entry

icon Russell Coker at 10:20 on 21 December 2009

So if a server crashes in February then 11 months data will be lost? :-#

I know that's not what you meant, but it matches my observation of how most systems are run. :(

icon Steve Kemp at 10:08 on 21 December 2009

I've not seen Jaws for years, but I do recall enjoying it a lot as a child. So I'll not care too much about criticisms of technique.

icon sno at 09:21 on 21 December 2009

will have to backup my new bytemark vps :)

icon Paul Johnson at 04:52 on 21 December 2009

Got all five systems here regularly backed up thanks to backuppc. By the way, Jaws sucked. Spielberg can't direct his way out of a wet paper sack without George Lucas.

icon Ben Zanin at 00:41 on 21 December 2009

This is a bloody fantastic idea - not the backups, that is, but nominating a week for backup awareness. Thanks very much for the suggestion!

icon Tiago Faria at 00:36 on 21 December 2009

Check! Seems good on this side.

icon Andreas Marschke at 00:08 on 21 December 2009

Event though, I am aware of this, I will have to wait till christmas since then I will get my nice little 1TB external harddrive which will then work as my Backup. :)

icon bob at 23:34 on 20 December 2009

It has to be said sorting out our backups was my plan for this week. since im off on holiday for 3 weeks after xmas.

icon Steve Kemp at 23:34 on 20 December 2009


Then again with that volume of data it isn't goign to be a fast process even so.

(I spent many hours on Friday afternoon/early evening transferring 45Gb of backup2l files from one host to another.)

icon Henry at 23:32 on 20 December 2009

Know what sucks about national backup week? Starting a rsyncing job of over 1TB data over wifi in the morning and coming home at night to find it not even close to being finished. PROTIP: stop being lazy and break out your cat5.