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You're not going to end up like your mum and dad

18 November 2007 21:50

I've been working on updating my online film list since Thursday evening.

I have some code which will convert static data-files containing film entries into a browsable HTML site.

The next job is to actually go through all our DVDs and make sure the lists are correct.

I've updated all our TV shows, and I've made an initial pass at making sure all our films are present but it'll take me a few more days to ensure the lists are completely correct.

In the past I used to browse my list of films via my mobile phone to make sure I didn't buy duplicate films (more than once in the past I had managed to do that!) These days I don't seem to need to, but it is nice for organizing and it appeals to my love of lists..

I'm not sure which is worse, me doing it or Megan taking one look and saying "That's so cool!".

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