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Free hosting, and key-signing

6 March 2015 21:50

Over the past week I've mailed many of the people who had signed my previous GPG key and who had checked my ID as part of that process. My intention was to ask "Hey you trusted me before, would you sign my new key?".

So far no replies. I may have to be more dedicated and do the local-thing with people.

In other news Bytemark, who have previously donated a blade server, sponsored Debconf, and done other similar things, have now started offering free hosting to Debian-developers.

There is a list of such offers here:

I think that concludes this months blog-posting quota. Although who knows? I turn 39 in a couple of days, and that might allow me to make a new one.



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icon martin at 10:03 on 6 March 2015

that needs clarification, ServicesHosting is about for Debian-related hosting only and they aren't on the MemberBenefits page. I'd love to e.g. tweet this, but I need a better link.

icon Steve Kemp at 10:06 on 6 March 2015

The intention is for hosting for Debian-related purposes, and that people can mail in if they think their usage qualifies.

Clarification is always welcome though, so I'll chase it here.