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IPv6 only server

2 November 2014 21:50

I enjoy the tilde.club site/community, and since I've just setup an IPv6-only host I was looking to do something similar.

Unfortunately my (working) code to clone github repositories into per-user directories fails - because github isn't accessible over IPv6.

That's a shame.

Oddly enough chromium, the browser packaged for wheezy, doesn't want to display IPv6-only websites either. For example this site fail to load http://ipv6.steve.org.uk/.

In the meantime I've got a server setup which is only accessible over IPv6 and I'm a little smug. (http://ipv6.website/).

(Yes it is true that I've used all the IPv4 addreses allocated to my VLAN. That's just a coincidence. Ssh!)



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icon Vincent Bernat at 12:04 on 2 November 2014

I have no problem loading http://ipv6.steve.org.uk in Chromium. However, this is Chromium from unstable (so 38 vs 37).

icon Steve Kemp at 12:44 on 2 November 2014

That's interesting. On this wheezy system I see errors when accessing IPv6 only sites, and IPv4 for is preferred for dual-stacked servers.

Iceweasel, and Ephiphany both work but chromium just shows "This webpage is not available".

icon mirabilos at 09:03 on 3 November 2014

The boxen (buttons?) on the ipv6.website thingy don't work in Konqueror. Their link target appears to be just ‘#’.

icon Steve Kemp at 09:10 on 3 November 2014

Yeah those buttons are broken - I didn't bother completing the write-up when I realized that my IPv6-only server couldn't pull from github as I expected.

I'll either scrap the project, or come up with something else soon.

icon Niall Donegan at 13:15 on 3 November 2014

Have you looked at NAT64/DNS64? They're designed for situations like this.

icon Steve Kemp at 08:14 on 6 November 2014

I did try, Niall, but with no native IPv4 I couldn't get a tunnel working.

The only solution I found so far was to install openvpn on another host and use that. I connect to the openvpn host via IPv6, get allocated an IP in the range and then have that masqueraded..