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New emacs?

6 May 2014 21:50

The recent flurry of activity with neovim have made me wonder if there could be something similar for the other editor, emacs.

If you poke around recent GNU Emacs releases you'll come across random signs that the code carries a lot of baggage:


There are special considerations for a variety of this system which is known as the ``Yellow Dog [GNU/]Linux'

Yellow Dog [GNU/]Linux has been dead for many years now.


Contains references to skipping stuff that runs under Emacs 19, 20, 21, & 22.

None of these are huge things, and the core code of Emacs is a pleasure to read in many places, but it does make you think, or not, whichever the case may be it is all good :)

(I do all "real work" in emacs. I write all outgoing emails in vim, and use it for git/mercurial commit messsages, otherwise the only time I use it is for random one-line edits over slow links.)



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icon Luca Bruno at 15:28 on 6 May 2014

Hi :) This is not really neomacs or such, but you may be interested :) http://vanubi.github.io/vanubi/

icon Steve Kemp at 16:10 on 6 May 2014

I find it unlikely that I'd ever switch away from Emacs, even with things like Atom appearing, and looking quite useful.

Still, never say never ..

icon Luca Bruno at 18:21 on 6 May 2014

The project was not meant to be publicized yet, I created it mainly for my own usage, and I've created it as an alternative to emacs. My attempt was more like to let you try it and have some feedback for improving it since you are an emacs user. I hope you'll give it a shot, I believe (of course) it's worth it :-)

icon bongo at 16:27 on 7 May 2014

Note that the 50dictionaries-common.el file is part of Debian's emacs packaging, which supports multiple coinstalled emacs versions, and not upstream code.